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September 2004

JVC EX-A1: Wooden Woofers

September 24, 2004 2 Comments

20 years ago JVC prototyped a wooden woofer. However, they ran into a problem... the wood would crack. They tried soaking them in water, but nothing seemed to work. Years into the project, a JVC engineer went to a Japanese Pub and was served a soft squid. He discovered that the reason why the squid was so soft was because it had been soaked in Japanese rice wine (sake) overnight. To keep this post short, they tried using sake to moisturize the wood while they stamp the woofer. Success! And that's how they make the speakers on the new EX-A1. I'm thinking about buying one just so I can explain the story to people that come over... the EX-A1 will cost you about $550.

- The Full Process and Story

Dooney & Bourke Leather iPod Case

September 24, 2004 No Comments
If you are looking for a classy iPod case then you need to check this one out... Dooney & Bourke has created a "buttery smooth Italian calfskin to swathe your iPod in sleek style" (couldn't have said it better myself). It comes in Mocha, Wine and Ebony (pictured) and is available for the iPod ($59) and iPod Mini ($49).

- Available @ Herrington

A Wingless 727 Limo?

September 24, 2004 3 Comments
Keeping with things that fly, Vaca Meter Limousines has converted an old Boeing 727-100 and converted it into a 50-seat luxury limousine. For about $300 an hour, Limousines de Guadalajar Vaca Meters will fly, uh transport you and your closest 49 friends around Mexico. It's powered by a six-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine in the back and has air brakes and suspension. The bird is about 54' long and 12' wide. Truck-style wheels and suspension replace the landing gear and on the inside, passengers are treated to neon strobes, a dance floor, a bar and a romantic space in the back to _________. (fill in the blank).

It's amazing what three months and sixty people can accomplish... well, now the world finally has one... a "Wingless 727 Limo"

AirScooter II: Fly Over The Traffic

September 24, 2004 6 Comments

The Segway HT is out... it's all about the AirScooter II. The people over at AirScooter Corp. originally designed the AirScooter for Government and Military uses... for things like Search and Rescue and Surveillance. But they are willing to sell you one if you shell out a mere $47,000. The price isn't that bad if you think about what kind of car $50k gets you these days.

The AirScooter features an AeroTwin Four-stroke 65 HP Aerobatic Engine with Quiet Belt Drive Reduction, which means it can get you up in the air reliably and hover for about 2 hours on only 5 gallons of fuel. Oh, and they are working on an 100-150HP motor... think of that one as the Ferrari of AirScooters.

- AirScooter Specs
- AirScooter Video Clip (QuickTime)
- AirScooter Website


Zanware In-wall PC Controller

Home Automation
September 13, 2004 No Comments
Have you ever wanted the ability to control your PC from another room but couldn't find an easy way to control it? Well, the folks over at Zanware have found a solution! The Zanware PC Controller has a 128x64 pixel graphical LCD, IR receiver for remote control, and control knob for menu navigation. In addition to that, each unit has a temperature sensor, light sensor, status LED, and buzzer. The controller is powered via the Ethernet cable that allows for a simple single wire installation. Each unit comes with a stainless steel or gold faceplate, and can be installed in either an “old work” or “new work” standard 3-gang UL electrical box. This little controller will set you back $330... which isn't that bad if you think about how extendable it is.

- Available At Automated Outlet

Latest High-Definition Television Statistics

September 13, 2004 No Comments
HDTV Sales/ Purchase

• Half of U.S. consumers intend to buy an HDTV for their next television. Among HDTV owners, 66 percent indicate their next TV purchase will be an HDTV.
Source: Consumer Electronics Association April 2004 eBrain Survey

• Americans will buy between six and seven million HDTVs in 2004 – an increase of more than 50 percent compared to 2003.
Source: Yankee Group, July 2004

• HDTV monitor sales were 3.2 million in 2003, and the number will rise to 20.2 million by 2008, at which point the installed base of HDTVs will be 59.3 million.
Source: Yankee Group, July 2004

• The Consumer Electronics Association projects that approximately 5.7 million digital television units will be sold this year, 9.4 million in 2005, 15.6 million in 2006 and 23.0 million in 2007. By the end of 2004 consumers will have invested more than $15 billion in DTV products.
Source: Sean Wargo, director of industry analysis CEA, March 2004

Cost of HDTV Monitors

• Sixty-nine percent of non-HDTV owners said price was one reason they had not purchased an HDTV. Forty-one percent of those consumers who decided against buying an HDTV have an annual gross household income below $40,000.
Source: Consumer Electronics Association April 2004 eBrain Survey

• The average price for an HDTV has decreased approximately 50 percent in their first five years on the market. In 1998, the average DTV price was $3,147, while this year, CEA expects average DTV pricing to dip to $1,441 and $1,134 by 2006.
• Today, several tube-based HDTV sets can be purchased for less than $1,000.
Source: Consumer Electronics Association April 2004 eBrain Survey

HD Programming

• There are now more than 1,100 television stations broadcasting a digital television signal, most including some HDTV programming.
Source: Mac Video Pro, June 21 2004

Consumer Perception

• Nearly half (45 percent) of HDTV owners believe there is not enough accurate information available about HDTV.
Source: Consumer Electronics Association April 2004 eBrain Survey