DIY: Building a Mini (220mm) Quadcopter Part 6 – 12V Step-up Voltage Regulator

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 220mm quadcopter)

The last part ordered was the FPV Camera and that operates at a voltage of 12v.  Since I will have a clean 5v provided from the video transmitter (to be selected later), I need a 12V step-up voltage regulator.


I’ve selected the Pololu 12V Step-Up Voltage Regulator (U3V12F12).  It’s very compact (0.32″×0.515″), weights next to nothing, takes an input voltage as low as 2.5 V and efficiently boosts it to 12 V.

Step-Up Regulator Specs:

  • input voltage: 2.5 V – VOUT
  • fixed 5 V, 9 V, or 12 V output with 4% accuracy
  • 1.4 A switch allows for input currents up to 1.4 A
  • 2 mA typical no-load quiescent current
  • integrated over-temperature shutoff
  • small size: 0.515″ × 0.32″ × 0.1″ (13 × 8 × 3 mm)

Weight: .4g
Total Weight So Far: 161.2g

Part Cost: $3.95
Total Spent So Far: $195.19

The step-up voltage regulator is available from Pololu

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