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  • Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

    The Omni Notifier, Sends Email and Text Messages From Omni Panels


    Leviton Security & Automation (formerly HAI) has released a new module that brings email and text notifications to any Omni (Pro II, IIe, LTe) or Lumina (both) control system.  It uses one of the RS-232 ports on the controller and needs an ethernet connection (in addition to the one that is probably already connected to the Omni panel) — the best part — it requires no service contracts to use!

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  • Thursday, May 1st, 2014

    Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount for iPhone and Smartphones

    I was looking for a tripod mount for my iPhone and actually found a pretty neat little contraption by Square Jellyfish.  The name is a big silly, but the product is solid.  At $15, it’s a must have item for the accessory bag.  Great for taking photos or video, even works for handsfree FaceTime.   Watch the video for the details on how it works.

    Available from Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount

  • Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

    Gladiator Garageworks – Possibly the best garage system and made in the U.S.A.

    gladiator_garageI’ve been meaning to organize my garage and turn a section into a place where I can work on my Myro Control stuff. I have been researching and looking at all sorts of “Garage Systems” and everything I have seen is either VERY expensive or VERY cheaply made using flimsy metal or thin wood/melamine.

    My dream garage would be filled with Lista Cabinets (as seen on American Chopper) as they offer both of my requirements: American Made and modular cabinets on casters. The only drawback being cost.

    Sears Craftsmen’s popped into my mind — thinking everything Craftsmen’s would be American made, right? Uh, nope. Then right next to the Craftsmen benches was this product called Gladiator Garageworks by Whirlpool Corporation. Modular cabinets on casters, check. Made in the U.S.A.? YES! Apparently all their “premium” welded case products are made in the U.S.A. That includes the benches and the gearbox. The ones you need to assemble are not so keep that in mind.

    The only design element I’m not too big on is the “tread” or “diamond plate” texture on the doors. I would have liked a smooth finish or options for different colors (silver, red, black, blue, etc) like the Lista Cabinets offer. Not a huge deal and the pattern is growing on me.

    Overall, I dig them! The price, the quality and the fact they are Made in the U.S.A. — I couldn’t be happier.

    Off to finish organizing the garage!

    - Gladiator Garage Works

  • Thursday, August 25th, 2011

    Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone 4

    Here’s a neat add-on that turns your iPhone 4 into a HD video (audio) recording rig at a fairly economical price of $150.  The key feature of the Fostex AR4i is that it brings excellent quality stereo audio recording via the dock connector and it’s built-in AD/DA converters.   The included microphones can be swiveled and located in many different configurations giving you the best possible audio capture.  Built-in LED input level metering, gain control and headphone monitoring, the AR-4i has been designed to turn your iPhone 4 into a high-quality audio and HD video capture device.   This little add-on is great for trips and family events where you don’t want to carry another device just for video capture, but want the higher quality audio and video stabilization (via form factor and included handle).

    - Fostex AR4i website
    - AMAZON: Fostex Audio Interface for Iphone 4 – Fostex AR-4I

    [ via and as seen on MacBreak Episode 261 ]…

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  • Monday, September 12th, 2005

    Designer PSP Cases


    So what do you get when you bring together acclaimed designers such as L.A.M.B. (pictured), Fendi, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Anna Sui, Christian Louboutin, J. Mendel, Earnest Sewn, Lulu Guinness, adidas Respect M.E. by Missy Elliott, Maharishi and Martine Sitbon, to design a PSP case? Some very over the top designs (albeit very expensive ones too). To celebrate the success of “the hottest lifestyle accessory of the year, the PSP” (isn’t an iPod still the hottest gadget), Sony brought together designers and celebrities for a fun-filled PSP fashion event dubbed, Pret a PSP.

    If you are interested in purchasing these over priced designer cases, then you’ll need to wait until next month since that is when these cases, and more, will be available online at and at the Rue Saint-Honore store. Was this post a waste of bandwidth — I’m just looking out for my fashion loving friends.

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  • Friday, April 8th, 2005

    14″ PowerPizza Laptop Case

    My girlfriend just bought an iBook and she’s looking to find a case that is not “too techie”, but “something more fashionable”. In her search she found this very unstylish case made by human beans. It’s called the PowerPizza, it’s the Anti-theft, Anti-shock, Anti-style computer case. Each PowerPizza case is handmade in London using real corrugated cardboard italian-style pizza boxes. As for the protection part, the laptop is held in place by red velcro straps and the interior is fully lined with 10mm protective foam.

    The 14″ PowerPizza will set you back about two real large pies… or about $26. Some assembly is required.

    - 14″ PowerPizza
    - …more silly stuff from human beans

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  • Monday, January 17th, 2005

    Ultimate Ears UE 5c

    I was looking for some new in-ear headphones this weekend and stumbled across a company called Ultimate Ears. They are the inventors of those hearing aid looking contraptions that sometimes fall out of the artists ears when they are dancing and singing live on TV. Upon further investigation, I found out that Ultimate Ears is well known in the professional world. This IS the ultimate in-ear stage monitor, because they wouldn’t be the “ultimate” is they didn’t have that VERY impressive client list (see link below).

    Most of their lines are tailored for the celebrity performer, but they recently released the “affordable” UE-5c, which was specifically made to complement an iPod or other portable devices. These in-ear headphones aren’t your typical earphones, each set is custom fabricated for you ears. In order for you to get a pair of these beauties, you need to schedule an appointment with your local hearing-aid center and have them make impressions of your inner-ear. Then, you send those off to Ultimate Ears and they create a set of UE-5c’s for you (and only you). If you wear headphones often, like 5+ hours a day, or can’t find a pair of earphones that fit your ears perfectly, then you need to get a pair custom made… no exceptions. Just be prepared for the $550 price tag, which is “a small price to pay for living like a rock star”.

    – Dual Driver: Single Hi/Single Low (Balanced Armatures)
    – Passive Crossover
    – Sensitivity: 119db @ 1mw (+ or -3db)
    – Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 16k
    – Impedance: 21 ohms
    – 1/8” Mini connector
    – Full hard material for durability
    – Replaceable cables in clear, beige, brown or black. 46” or 64” lengths available.

    - The Impressive Client List
    - Ultimate Ears UE-5c

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  • Friday, September 24th, 2004

    Dooney & Bourke Leather iPod Case

    If you are looking for a classy iPod case then you need to check this one out… Dooney & Bourke has created a “buttery smooth Italian calfskin to swathe your iPod in sleek style” (couldn’t have said it better myself). It comes in Mocha, Wine and Ebony (pictured) and is available for the iPod ($59) and iPod Mini ($49).

    - Available @ Herrington

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