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Bosch PS40-2, The Best Power Driver – My Favorite Tools – June 2009

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June 10, 2009 No Comments


Here’s a fun fact about me, I’ve been around construction tools and machinery all my life.  My dad is a Master Carpenter and General Contractor so I’ve pretty much seen power tools evolve over the last 20+ years.  I even remember his first cordless drill, which barely had enough power to drive a screw without pre-drilling.    So this months favorite tool is the Bosch PS40-2.  The Bosch PS40-2 is a 12-volt Lithium-Ion Impact Driver that is very well balanced, light weight and very powerful.  If you have never used an impact driver, you’re in for a treat.  The sound of it “impacting” when driving a screw or bolt is normal (some think the sound is a defect).    Don’t judge it by it’s compact look this drill is a monster… it’s small enough to carry with your and use in tight places but powerful enough to drive a screw without drilling.  The battery life is also great… I typically charge it and can use it for the full day before needing to recharge.  Just keep in mind that this is a driver, not a typical “drill” so if you want to drill something this isn’t the best tool for the job.  Bosch offers a PS30-2A (drill/driver) for that kind of job.

Here are some specs on the PS40-2:
– Hammer and anvil system produces 800 in-lbs of torque
– Delivers 1,800 RPM/3,000 BPM with 60 per cent more torque than 18V drill-driver; 800 in.-lbs of max torque.
– 3 LEDs illuminate work area for use in dark areas.
– Spring-Loaded Impact Mechanism.
– Aluminum gear housing with protective rubber front and a 1/4″ hex drive with quick release.
– Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle; bumpers on side of tool.
– Variable speed trigger.

The Bosch PS40-2A also will make a GREAT father’s day gift! 

AMAZON.COM – Bosch PS40-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Impact Driver
BOSCH TOOLS – 10.8V Litheon™ Impactor Fastening Driver

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Felco Classic Pruner & Pruning Made Easy Book – My Favorite Tools – May 2009

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May 17, 2009 4 Comments

felco and pruning made easy

I’ve been really getting into gardening lately.  Not only is it stress releasing but it also requires some cool tools. I’ve found that my favorite gardening tool has been my Swiss Made Felco #F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruners. These things can be completely taken apart and refurbished with parts so they will be the last pair of pruners you’ll ever purchase!   I’ve also relied on  “Pruning Made Easy: A Gardener’s Visual Guide To When and How to Prune Everything, from Flowers to Trees” as a reference guide and I highly recommended it.   This book covers everything I have in my garden from my fruit trees and grape vines to our indoor plants. These two items are My Favorite Tools for May 2009.

– Felco Classic Manual Hand Pruner #F-2

–  Pruning Made Easy: A gardener’s visual guide to when and how to prune everything, from flowers to trees (Storey’s Gardening Skills Illustrated)

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Weller Pyropen WPA2 – My Favorite Tools – April 2009

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April 28, 2009 No Comments

Weller WPA2

I’ve decided to kick off a new feature on Mavromatic called “My Favorite Tools”.  If you are like me and love to visit hardware stores and industrial supply houses checking out new tools, then you’ll enjoy this feature.  

This months favorite tool is the Weller Pyropen WPA2.  The Weller comes in handy when you need to solder something and can’t plug in a proper soldering station.  I last used this applying DC connectors to a cable that would connect to a CCTV Camera.  I was about 15′ up on a ladder and this tool worked like a charm.   The Weller Pyropen WPA2 uses butane fuel — kind used to refill a lighter — and has a run time of about 3 hours of operation between refills.   It ignites with the push of a button and provides heat up to 932° F — which is more than enough heat for typical projects.

Here are some other features that make the Weller Pyropen WPA one of my favorite tools:

  • Ignites with the push of a button, ideal for field service jobs
  • Lightweight and completely portable, ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Sturdy metal tank holds enough butane gas for 3 hours of operation
  • Does not require cords, batteries or cartridges
  • Temperature adjusts from 482°F to 932°F (approx. 25 – 60 watts)
  • 14 soldering tip combinations available
  • Refills with butane fuel
  • UL listed

Treat yourself to a Weller Pyropen WPA2, it will be on your list of favorite tools too!

– AMAZON.COM: Weller WPA2 Pyropen Professional Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron

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DIY: Checking You Home Drinking Water Quality

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February 22, 2008 8 Comments

Recently my brother-in-law had a reverse osmosis system installed for their drinking water. The installer left him a water quality meter which is a digital TDS meter that measures the Total Dissolved Solids in the water. What this means is that it measures the total amount of substances in the water other than the pure H2O. He joked that this was the first time ever that he had a gadget that I didn't... so to keep with my reputation, that night I ordered my very own TDS Meter. Today, the unit arrived and I checked our water quality... it's 34.0 -- which is good! My sisters water through reverse osmosis is 0.06 (really, really, good!) and their normal water was at 60. The ideal drinking water range is 0-50. I do have a simple water filter installed but when testing the water non-filtered I didn't notice much difference (maybe it's time to get a new one?). I highly recommend you check your water quality since the EPA Secondary Regulations advise a maximum contamination level (MCL) of 500mg/liter (500 parts per million (ppm)) for TDS... that's really high if recommended drinking water is 0-50.

"A high level of TDS is an indicator of potential concerns, and warrants further investigation... most often, high levels of TDS are caused by the presence of potassium, chlorides and sodium. These ions have little or no short-term effects, but toxic ions (lead arsenic, cadmium, nitrate and others) may also be dissolved in the water. "

So if there is a problem with your water supply you can get to it before it gets you... the unit I bought is the HM COM-100 ($65), but can get a lesser version for around $15.

Lumencraft Gatlight V3 Titanium Flashlight

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January 15, 2008 4 Comments
gatlight v3

gatlight v3

Take a look at this flashlight -- it's a work of art! Lumencraft's newest Gatlight, named V3, is hand-assembled from over 80 parts. The case is made from titanium, but the light uses variable illumination LED that provides over 240 lumens (D. Quirk -- you reading this?!).

The Gatlight is developed by a team of Swiss industrial designers and American aerospace engineers and manufactured in the United States by Swiss craftsmen so you know this is great quality and should last you for many many many years. They state that the LED should last for over 11 years of continuous use...

The Gatlight V3 Titanium Flashlight costs $395 (includes GatLight v3 Titanium LED Flashlight, Lithium Battery and Solid Wood Display Box).