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  • Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

    Does Anyone Really Care About DVD/Blu-ray Extras? [Question Of The Day]


    So Blu-ray doesn’t really seem to be the technology that saves disc based media as we see more and more content becoming available online (even in HD).  So the question of the day is, “Do you miss any of the interactive extras that DVD and Blu-ray offer”?  Example, if you watch and make your DVD/Blu-ray purchase decisions because of extras, you’d answer “Absolutely”… if the only thing you care about is just watching the feature then answer, “Nope”.  If you don’t care either way… well, “Who Cares”. If you feel strongly about this topic and/or work in the “Extra Creation Industry” sound off in the comments!

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  • Monday, May 4th, 2009

    POLL: Has The Economy Affected You?

    Hooverville 2009

    I just installed a new poll system and thought I’d run a poll to gauge how the current state of the economy has affected readers of Mavromatic.  If there isn’t a poll answer that best fits, enter it in the comments.


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  • Thursday, October 6th, 2005

    POLL: Which Apple iPod do you own!?

    UPDATE: Fixed the jacked up comment system for this poll… now it works.

    Ok folks, I’ve opened up a poll to see how many of you own an Apple iPod. What I’m most interested in is seeing which model you own. That’s right… which model made you drop your hard earned greenbacks into Steve Jobs hat? I’d like you to also add a comment as to why you chose the model you own — get your friends vote too! I will keep the voting open forever, but will post a new entry with my thoughts about the results in two weeks. I’m wondering why Apple is going down a certain path, and these numbers, hopefully, will better fuel my debate. Now vote!…

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