CacheCARD2.jpgThe guys over at 9th Tee enterprises, Inc, have released a new version of their TiVo CacheCARD. Now it comes with a built in Network Interface and just by installing this card you increase UI speeds up to 50%. The best part, if already have a TurboNET card occupying that space, they are offering a rebate to upgrade.

Except from their site:
“Caching – The Tivo database is large (512MB) and every user-interface operation goes back to hard drive to read from the database – the same hard drive that is already busy reading and writing multiple high bit-rate video streams. The CacheCARDTM caches the entire database in high speed SDRAM so all database reads can be fulfilled instantly, rather than joining the queue for access to the hard drive. Database writes go directly to the hard drive so the Tivo database is always protected and is up-to-date on the hard drive.”