Snapstream Media has released ‘beyond tv3‘, it’s their answer to the perfect PVR. This release has added a bunch of new useful features. The SmartSkip™, actually shows scene changes (likely commercials) and highlights them in the progress bar. With one button press you can skip the commercial. The home video server, allows you to share your favorite show from a central location and then stream them to any device. Forgot to schedule your favorite show? No problem, you can even schedule recordings from a WAP enabled cellphone or any other IP based device. I really like the ShowSqueeze™ feature, this feature allows you to convert your MPEG-2 recording and compress it to Windows Media format so you can play it back on your future Pocket Media Player. I like where Snapstream is heading with this version, except… I’d prefer it more if it worked with a HD tuner card. Maybe v4? [Thanks Scott J.]