QuietRock_photo.jpgIf you are in the process of building a dedicated media room you’re probably familiar with the difficulties involved in keeping all the sound inside the room. The typical solution is to design a decoupled double wall system that generally causes about 3-5% loss in space. Quiet Solution announced that they are offering new sizes in their QuietRock Serenity Soundproof drywall line that should make it more efficient to install and eliminate the need for a decoupled system. The QR-530 line now comes in 4×8, 4×9, 4×10, and 4×12 sheets. It’s made from gypsum and infused with a proprietary viscoelastic polymers that convert noise and vibration to tiny
amounts of silent heat… now that’s science at it’s best! QuietRock Serenity provides unprecedented soundproofing for walls and ceilings perfect for isolating sound in your new Theater Room.