toast6.jpgI might be wrong here… but when I went to check out DVD Studio Pro 3’s specs, I didn’t see anything about being able to burn dual layer DVDs with Pioneers new drive. Maybe because Apple doesn’t currently offer the drives in their machines? Well for those of you early adopters, Roxio announced today that its Toast 6 line of software will soon be DVD Double Layer (DL) compatible, allowing Mac users to take advantage of this exciting technology for the first time (maybe Apple will follow). There have been reports that dual burning is slow, like a 1x-2x DVD burner. If your producing a feature film, or want to archive your home movies on fewer DVDs, then it may be worth the approx. 45 min wait. It will be a free update to registered Toast 6 Titanium (PC) and Toast with Jam 6 (MAC) sometime in June.