I don’t know what all the excitement about in-flight entertainment is… I always travel with a portable device like a laptop or mp3 player and soon a Portable Media Player. Anyways, Jetsgo is offering an in-flight personal entertainment product to Canadian air travelers. The digEplayer is the world’s first completely self-contained, portable video on demand entertainment unit preprogrammed with over 20 movies, as well as television shows, cartoons, videos and music choices. Forty digEplayers will be available on each plane (on their MD-83s and Fokker 100s) and they will be in service in July. On the technical side, these digEplayer VOD units are about the same weight and size of a typical portable DVD player and contain a 40gb hard drive and utilize the latest technology licensed from e.Digital Corp, DivX, and DRM. I wonder if people are going to try to “extract” these off the plane?