A few months back I got a chance to demo the Odyssee by D-Box (Click here to read that entry). It looks like they aren’t the only company wanting to be the first to revolutionize the home theater market by adding tactile feedback to the mix. Quente Cafe has a press release from Crowson, a home theater product company, about a new tactile system for your home theater. The press release doesn’t talk about the technology behind the TES100 (Tactile Effects System) in full detail, except that “now you can see, hear and FEEL the gut-wrenching punch of a fiery explosion, the bone-jarring crack of a gunshot, the deep, rhythmic vibrations of a powerful muscle car, or the warm, soothing resonance of a cello…”. I think they are using high quality tactile transducers embedded in the chairs instead of actual acuators like the D-Box system. They are sweet looking chairs, like the one pictured with built in joysticks, but I still prefer D-Box technology over transducers any day! [Thanks Ajit M.!]

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