This summer, some unsuspecting consumers will go to their fridges to enjoy an ice-cold, refreshing can of Coca-Cola, only to find
that it’s not a can of Coca-Cola at all. What looks like a hi-tech, space age device is in fact the latest innovation from Coca-Cola is actually a specially designed can that has been transformed into a Global Positioning System (GPS) transponder and cell phone. Winners who find one of these cans press a button to activate it, volunteer to participate and then have the grand prize delivered to them wherever they are. As part of Coca-Cola Unexpected Summer, consumers could win an all-new 2005 Chevy Equinox, home entertainment system, cash, or any number of additional grand prizes. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Coca-Cola will find you. Coca-Cola Unexpected Summer will debut the week of May 17th… so start stocking up on Coca-Cola multipacks, only 100 of these GPS-transponder cans will be released. Once a winning can has been found and activated, its location can be tracked by visiting