I presently own a 8″ NEC CRT Projector and have seen a number of DLP and LCD projectors, none of which have the same black levels and contrast of my beloved CRT projector. I don’t expect this to be the issue much longer and the InFocus ScreenPlay777 is a step in the right direction. This beautiful projector has three DMDs (one red, green, and blue), high-definition Mustang HD2, which deliver amazing color saturation and brightness. Native 1280 x 720 resolution creates high-definition (native 720p) from any HD source, and yields 3000:1 video contrast ratio. The enhanced DCDi from Faroudja delivers progressive scan video deinterlacing with enhanced noise reducers, color enhancers and a unique 2:2 pull down for virtually non-existent scan lines and no discernable flicker. For the price of a fully loaded Mini Cooper S ($30,000) this projector can be yours.