I just realized that this is my first Sirius satellite receiver entry. The past weeks we’ve seen a lot of XM satellite devices and I’ve felt bad for leaving Sirius out. Sirius has a total of 184 channels vs. 120 on XM… but who’s counting? That’s a lot of stations either way. Anyways, if you have been holding back on satellite radio for your multiroom audio system, wait no more… the Antex SRX-3 TriplePlay gives you three zones of pure commercial free digital radio. It can be controlled via its RS-232 port (interface with your home automation controller) or infrared remote. You’re going to pay a premium for this luxury, about $2000 for the SRX-3 and about $27 a month for the service ($12.95 for zone 1, $6.99 for zone 2, and $6.99 for zone 3). If you’d like to go with the lifetime subscription, you’re looking at about $1500… which equals out to about a years supply of Starbuck’s Tall Mint Mochas.