xbrite.jpgA common problem with LCD screens is that they are hard to read in bright rooms. Sony is about to change that with the release of two new displays that are using their new XBRITE technology. The SDM-HS74P and SDM-HS94P, with 17-inch and 19-inch viewable image sizes respectively, feature a special LCD panel, originally introduced on Sony’s VAIO PCs, that allows the displays to deliver superior brightness and enhanced contrast even when placed in a sunlit room. Available in black and silver, these new displays also sport Sony’s popular modern frame design that appears to float in the air due to a softly curved metallic base that lifts the panel from the desktop. Additionally, they feature flexible viewing angles that tilt to several different positions, up
to 20 degrees. Available in July, the HS74P display will be priced at about $600 and the HS94P will be priced at about $850.