I admit, I’ve done it! And so do about 64% of Wi-Fi surfers… According to a recent survey by IOGEAR, people are happy to admit to surfing the Net via Wi-Fi in their underwear. The online poll got 478 consumers in April 2004 and 64% of the respondents admitted to connecting to the Internet when just wearing their undergarments, showing the growing popularity of the wireless lifestyle. IOGEAR posed the question as part of a survey to gauge how and where the public is using Wi-Fi technology, as it becomes more prevalent in today’s society. The research also uncovered that 56% of consumers are most likely to use wireless access while traveling, in either a hotel or airport. Fast food
restaurants (27%) and bookstores (17%) were listed as other popular hotspot
locations users have connected. According to research firm IDC, 34% of consumers said they use a wireless 802.11 (Wi-Fi) LAN at home, compared to 27% who say they use one at work. The survey found that most of these home users are listening to music files,playing games and messaging.