<% rating = 5 %>I wish there were more companies that offered products like ±0, their clean and simple designs make the products they sell stand out from almost every other device out there. When you see their products, you know they thought about every little detail. And that’s always refreshing to see, especially these days, where it’s all about getting a product out the door at the cheapest price possible.

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of products they make:

8-inch LCD TV
A LCD screen that looks like a standard CRT (cathode ray tube) TV?! Yup, that’s what they did, and here’s why… “Many people are sure to feel a certain affection for this familiar shape. But if it were a CRT TV, the CRT alone would not function as a TV, and so it, along with other parts, would be enclosed in a square box. This shape is one that can be achieved because it is an LCD TV – it cannot be created as a CRT TV.” You can place this TV on the kitchen counter or on a bed. The transmitter relays images wirelessly so if there’s an outlet nearby, this TV can be used anywhere in the house.


±0 thinks about even the littlest details… like the bezel of the screen. Next time you look at a plasma display, check out the front bezel surrounding the panel. You will notice that the outer frame of the TV is somewhat larger than the screen itself… here’s what they have to say about that, “That is to say, the picture frame is very wide. When you wonder why this is so, you find that it’s because this kind of design emphasizes a sense of pressure or classiness. It’s because it’s a design that comes from such phrases as ‘the screen appears large’ and ‘it is impressive’. Looking at it that way, this TV appears rather small. But there’s no difference in screen size between this and other 22V TVs. The speaker is contained within the stand. It is a ‘screen only TV’, a simple design that fits in well with all lifestyles.” You gotta love this company, no?

One more… here is their idea of the perfect DVD/MD Stereo Component

Keep it simple, that’s what they are about… many times manufacturers want to load the front with as many controls as possible. Not ±0. They think there seems to be a lot of audio systems with rather loud designs that have glittery metallic finishes and radical shapes. “Compared to these, the design of this audio system is understated. The glossy surface is attractive too. The system is box-like in shape, similar to building blocks having been piled up. You can arrange them next to each other or on top of each other. Because most of the functions are carried out using the remote control unit, only function buttons that are absolutely necessary can be found on the main body of the system. The remote control unit is a vivid blue, making it easy to find when you can’t remember where you put it last.”

Now that we are in love with this company and their products… they can only be bought in Japan and at a premium. So for all us dreamers… we’ll just have to deal with the mass marketed products that were designed (or lack of) to make us happy…

– Check out the full line of products at ±0 (PLUSMINUSZERO) and be amazed!