3dtv2.jpgForget about the new rumored aluminum Apple Cinema Displays… StereoGraphics has just announced the release of the SynthaGram 204. It’s a 20″ Glasses-Free 3D LCD monitor! The SynthaGram 204 falls into StereoGraphics’ mid-range monitor line with high resolution (1600 x 1200) and has a new stylistic design and takes advantage of new advances in glasses-free 3D technology to create even brighter and more realistic 3D images than ever before. The SynthaGram 204 also automatically transitions between DVD-quality 2D and 3D. The SynthaGram 204 is available today for $4,764 (MSRP), a bit more than a Cinema display, but if my memory is correct… the first 22″ Apple display was around that price at it didn’t do 3D, just looked pretty.