So Crowson Technology, the guys that create the TES-100 (read my previous post) contacted me to tell me that they don’t use “embedded” transducers like I thought. Opps…

Here’s what they said, “Our transducers are true actuators with excursion in the vertical plane. They are designed to sit between your furniture’s feet and the ground beneath them, thus using the mass of the couch (and customer) to pre-load our proprietary spring system. Our “Linear-Direct-Drive” technology delivers FAR more accurate tactile effects than other transducers.”

If that’s the case… it makes them really worth checking out since the cost is about $27,351 less than the the only other option, the D-Box Odyssee. The TES-100 runs $649 for the couch set and $349 for the chair set. Wonder if the kind folks at Crowson Technology are willing to lend me a demo set for review… I’ll keep you all posted.