Sony’s new displays are taylored for the corporate customer, but if you are a serious television or movie watcher it may make sense to invest in these new panels because they are rated to deliver up tp 60,000 hours (based on the panels half-life). The Sony’s new PFM-42X1 display features a 42-inch XGA 1024 x 768 progressive panel that includes speaker capabilities. The PFM-42X1 model also has new option boards, embracing component/RGB active loop-through and 5-BNC component input. If you want something a bit bigger, the new FWD-50PX1 plasma display is a 50-inch WXGA 1280 x 768 progressive panel that is ideal for PC and HD content. The FWD-50PX1 has optional speakers and a built-in 7W + 7W digital amplifier. This plasma also features additional image retention protection, and optional component/RGB active loop-through, 5-BNC component input and network management card BKM-FW31. The PFM-42X1 will be available in July and the FWD-50PX1 will be available in September and will be priced at about $5,900 and $8,500, respectively.