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Now, that I have your attention, Virgin Electronics has unveiled a ‘Silver-Dollar’ sized wearable MP3 player. It’s comfortable to carry against your girlfriends torso (as pictured). The Wearable 128MB MP3 player holds roughly 40 songs and includes one of the simplest interfaces ever devised. The Wearable MP3 Player doesn’t need complicated software or even a power adaptor. Consumers just plug the player into their PC or Mac USB port to load songs and charge the device, all at the same time with the same cable. Two simple buttons turn the player on and off, skip songs and control volume. The Wearable MP3 player comes with an armband and specially designed earbuds intended to be worn around the neck. You can also attach any standard headphones to the player, but why bother… get their new $40 noise-canceling headphones that are both stylish and easy on the wallet. Both the $99 MP3 player and $40 noise-canceling headphones are available immediately at Target stores across the country.