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Alpine has announced that it will ship the Alpine Interface Adapter for iPod (model KCA-420i) in late September. The KCA-420i will enable control and playback of the iPod music library from any of Alpine’s 2004 Ai-Net in-dash head units. The solution allows you to control iPod playback using the head unit’s front panel buttons or remote, you can view song information (artist, album and/or song name) on the display and easily find tracks through the receiver’s Quick Search interface. If you are worried about unsightly wires in your Geo Metro, rest assured that the Alpine Interface Adapter was designed to be hidden so it can be installed anywhere in the vehicle like under a seat, in the glove box or behind the dash. A single cable connects the adapter to the Alpine head unit, while a second cable connects the adapter to the iPod through the iPod dock
connector. When the vehicle is on, the Interface Adapter also charges the
iPod’s internal battery. The KCA-420i will be available from Authorized Alpine dealers for $100.