Update: Here is a link to more photos, in case you really care.

Ha! I have to say, it has been very warm here in Seattle… today we hit the upper 80’s and it should reach the 90’s this weekend… so even a billionaire needs to cool off somehow… Bill Gates was spotted today at our local water park, Wild Waves doing just that. The story is actually a fun read…

FEDERAL WAY – If you had several billion dollars, how would you stay cool on a warm, sunny day?

Build your own pool? Create a weather machine to bring in cooler air? Buy a house along the coast? Or maybe a house in Alaska? Or an entire town in Alaska?

Or, if you’re Bill Gates, spend just a few bucks and head down to the local water park.

An eagle-eyed Star 101.5 listener spotted Microsoft founder Bill Gates hanging out at the Wild Waves water park in Federal Way on Wednesday, joining hundreds of others cooling off in our 80 degree weather.

Of course, it’s just 80 today, With expected 90 degree temperatures this weekend, maybe he’ll move on to some of those other suggestions.

[ via KOMO TV ]