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PRNEWSWIRE — Shortly following confirmation that she was engaged to her dancer boyfriend Kevin Federline, rumors began circulating that Britney Spears’ engagement was the result of her pregnancy. With UK tabloid reports indicating that her first child is due in late December, WagerOnSports.com today announced odds on the sex of Britney Spears’
first born and when the pop star and her fiancee will officially tie the knot.

The premium sports betting destination online, WagerOnSports.com has
created betting options on whether Britney Spears’ first child will be a boy
or girl or if she’ll have a “Baby One More Time” and deliver more than one
baby. The odds that Spears first born child is either a boy or girl are at
10/11 (i.e., win $10 for every $11 bet). Meanwhile, the odds that the pop
princess will give birth to twins, triplets or more the first time she goes
into labor are a long shot at 20/1.

With reports also indicating that Spears would like to get married by
November, WagerOnSports.com has created betting options on the pop star’s
wedding date. Despite the reports, WagerOnSports.com feels that Britney is
unlikely to get married before Halloween and lists the odds on her tying the
knot after October 31st at 1/6 odds. The odds that the diva and her fiancee
will say their wedding vows before October 31st have been set at 4/1.

If Britney Spears is not pregnant by April 1, 2005, then all wagers on her
children will be refunded. Any wagers posted after public knowledge of the
sex of her first child or her marriage will be cancelled.

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