I have to give props to Interact-TV for choosing such a catchy name for their new media server. Telly. The name reminds me of a fellow Greek, the late Telly Savalas, which played Kojak. You know that New York Detective known for his shiny bald head. Anyways, the Telly takes off where the other DVRs stop… yes, it can pause and records live TV, but the Telly can also store and manage entire video, DVD and music libraries, burn CDs, and store and show off digital photos on the living room.

How is this all possible you ask? With their new Telly 3.0 software release. It incorporates several sought-after upgrades like save DVD feature allows users to expand their video library so they can watch movies anytime, as many times as they want, without searching for a disk. Telly 3.0 also provides the ability to manage and view media and schedule recording remotely via Telly’s own Web site. Telly 3.0 is standard on the Telly MC1200 and is provided free of charge to owners of previous Telly models.

It’s housed in an attractive all-aluminum chassis and measures a
mere 4.6″ tall, designed to easily fit into home entertainment centers. A
sleek, drop-down front panel hides the CD drive plus front-panel audio, USB
and firewire (IEEE1394) connectors that make it easy to hook up additional
storage or headphones. Telly’s power supply and fan are ultra-quiet, so that
they don’t interfere with the entertainment experience. The MC1200 may be expanded to contain up to three hard drives for a maximum 750 GB of storage, that should keep up with your expanding digital media library.

The Telly MC1200 Home Entertainment Server retails from $799 and
can be customized to meet individual needs. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about subscription’s… the program guides are downloaded via your broadband connection for free. Telly is available directly from the manufacturer’s online store.