Before I get to the product, why do people feel the need to personalize, or “Pimp Out” their rides? There are numerous television shows that focus on this very topic… MTV’s “Pimp my ride”, Discover Channel’s “RIDES”, and TLC’s “Overhaulin” to name a few. My thinking behind this is, get a car that looks great stock, like a DB9. Well, for those of you that feel the need to personalize your Treo 600, palmOne today introduced the palmOne persona line of high-quality, fashionable and unique accessories. These leather cases were designed by Vaja (never heard of them, am I not down with style?) exclusively for palmOne and retail for about $109, a bit over priced for a case. Are Treo users going to really hold onto their phone for that long to justify a $109 case? I usually upgrade my phone every year… or is the Treo 600 the perfect phone?