SIRIUS has announced the introduction of yet another satellite radio device. Now, this one looks very cool, almost like a cell phone, which should make it easier to carry with you from the house to the car (and vice-versa). The SIRIUS XACT XTR1 “Stream Jockey” Plug & Play satellite radio offers a 6-line screen display, program alert, remote Control, Internal FM transmitter for wireless connection, 18 presets, Integrated headphone input and volume controls, a Car/home and universal docking kits and 3 boom box options (1 model with MP3 CDs/CDRW and a digital AM/FM radio tuner with 10 presets)

The XACT XTRA1 will be first offered via The Home Shopping Network and general distribution will be in available sometime in September. MSRP will be $99.99 for the unit itself, and $59.99 for the universal docking station that can be used in the car or the home. Separate docking stations for car and home will be sold for $49.99 each. The Home Shopping Network will feature the unit on August 14th at a special price of $149.00, including a universal docking station.