The Segway HT is out… it’s all about the AirScooter II. The people over at AirScooter Corp. originally designed the AirScooter for Government and Military uses… for things like Search and Rescue and Surveillance. But they are willing to sell you one if you shell out a mere $47,000. The price isn’t that bad if you think about what kind of car $50k gets you these days.

The AirScooter features an AeroTwin Four-stroke 65 HP Aerobatic Engine with Quiet Belt Drive Reduction, which means it can get you up in the air reliably and hover for about 2 hours on only 5 gallons of fuel. Oh, and they are working on an 100-150HP motor… think of that one as the Ferrari of AirScooters.

AirScooter Specs
AirScooter Video Clip (QuickTime)
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