Yes, I’m as shocked as you are… Pioneer Electronics, the leaders in digital technologies are still producing the CT-W606DR dual-well (A.K.A. Double Deck) cassette recorder. Sure, they are claiming they are making cassettes sound better with use of better digital processing, but come on. Who still has cassettes? I’d love to hear from you guys… because I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually listened to one, besides those tape thingy’s you can plug your iPod into so it can play back in a car cassette deck.

For a good laugh (it may only be funny to a real geek), check out the Pioneer CT-606DR product web page.

The cassette tape format continues to add sonic improvements. The dual-well CT-606DR includes Digital Noise Reduction, Digital Noise Suppression, and Dolby HX Pro for clean recording and playback, and includes CD-Deck Synchro for easy recording from a CD player. So don’t put those tapes into storage just yet- they’ll still sound great with this deck.