If you’re a tweaker like me, then you’ll love Microsoft’s release of TweakMCE. It gives you some much sought after tweaking abilities for Windows Media Center. Here are a few things it lets you change:


* Disable autorun of Interactual content
* Change the DVD notification timeout


* Change the skip back interval (2 min skip anyone?)
* Change the storage location for recorded TV
* Change the watched folders for recorded TV
* Change the length of time a notification appears before a recording starts
* Change reaction time compensation
* Change the more info panel timeout
* Change the seek bar timeouts


* Turn off that annonying add to notification
* Make the pivots in the music area sticky

Remote Control

* Set your remote control ID so you can have multiple MCE’s in one room
* Enable a universal remote control by turning off debounce


* Turn off the TV skin
* Turn off network congestion dialogs
* Turn off IE warnings

Download Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP

[ via Chris Lanier ]