I’ve been looking long and hard for something that beats the experience of the D-Box Obyssee and even the lesser expensive option by Crowson Tech. I think I’ve found it! The Netherlands based, FCS company is known internationally for their military, aerospace and automotive simulators, and now with their Hexatech technology, they will be known for their Racing Simulator.

How does it all work? The Hexatech consists of a race car cockpit with force feedback steering, a driver seat and visual system mounted on a 6 Degrees of freedom Electric Motion platform. The Hexatech moves freely across all axes: up, down, left, right, back and forth and all rotations. Generating forces as felt in an actual race car. Once drivers are securely seated, the ride lifts 40 centimeters and the vehicle is released for the race. The ride height is three meters and uses 16 square meters to be operated safely. Crazy stuff!

This isn’t really targeted for your home theater or house environment… but I bet if you have the budget of Six Flags Holland (where is publically launched) you could get one installed in your very own home. I love the concept and bet the experience is truly amazing! For now, I guess we’ll need to stick to the more cost effective options.

Check out the VIDEO on their site!

[ Thanks CHZ! ]