For those of you looking to WiFiFy every area in your house, On-Q has the product for you. The On-Q Wireless Access Point, PART #364711-01, is an attractive in-wall wireless access point (I usually place my fugly purple and grey Linksys access points in a closet). The On-Q wireless solution is geared towards new construction so it might be a bit harder to retrofit, but not impossible since it only needs a single CAT5e cable to provide network and power to the unit. The On-Q WAP is really a Motorola WA840G Access Point, which means it’s a good ol’ standard 802.11g/b compatible unit. A key benefit for paying a premium over the $65.00 MOTO device is that it features a custom booster antenna to provide you uniform coverage and that seamless look in your ceiling. In the owner’s manual, it says to mount the WAP up high and in a central location. As for looks, this unit is very clean looking, you can’t get more minimal than this… you can easily mistake this WAP as an in-wall speaker or smoke detector.

The unit retails for about $400 and is available now from most OnQ Distributors. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in ordering one ($375), the Mavromatic Store is not ready yet.