Hotel Online has a “Special Report”, oh boy!, on the newly-designed Hilton Technology Room. Besides all the standard Hilton amenities (no Paris Hilton jokes here), they have the bed positioned at a 45-degree angle to the room, tons of granite, and dramatic lighting, there’s talk about a 16×9 format, 70-inch “advanced front projection screen”. Isn’t that the same size the Sony Black Screen come in?

The video system includes a front projector, nestled away in a ceiling-mounted enclosure, and electronics for video signal processing and switching. The wall-mounted screen is optimized for color, contrast, and viewing angles, to provide a stunning image even in a well-lighted room.

If you have a moment, it’s worth a quick read, besides the cheesy Bose system, the room actually seems like it would suit a geek like me well.

– Hotel Online: Newly-designed Hilton Technology Room a Laboratory
for Gathering Customer Feedback; Helps Determine
Which Pieces Appropriate for Full-scale Deployment

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