10-moderoFor all you AMX customers, I just got word that they will be shipping their new 10″ Modero Widescreen Touch Panel in September. They are calling this model their “affordable, mid-size Modero”, the new Modero product line has sizes ranging up to 17″ Widescreen. The 10″ model features a 16×9 aspect screen but is lower profile meaning it’s has a smaller footprint than other traditional touch panel controllers. Don’t let the size fool you, this petite panel is jam packed with special features and multimedia options including: Table Top and Wall Mount available, optional external pushbuttons on Table Top and Wall/Flush Mount, Table Top converts to wireless using the AMX 802.11b CF Card, uses industry-standard Ethernet connectivity, Built-in USB port for connection to a keyboard and/or mouse, Built-in speakers and microphone, Plays MP3 and WAV audio files, Headphone connection, Photosensitive light detector regulates display brightness, 64 MB or memory and 64 MB of compact flash.

For more information, contact your local AMX installer/dealer for pricing and availability.

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