uniden-elbtI try to stay away from posting about cellular phones, mostly because the ones I really want seem to never get released, or when they do, they are old technology. I have yet to see the BENQ P50 or the HP HW6700, the two phones currently on my list. Ready to buy, yet no product. Makes me angry.

Anyways, this isn’t the point of this post… I was checking out the latest in cordless phone technologies and I remembered Uniden (the makers of my first CB radio) were big into cordless phones. So I checked out their website and found a new series called the ELBT. When I first saw the phone, I thought they were getting into the cellular phone business. Well, they kind of are… it’s actually a GREAT idea. A cordless house phone is basically a cellular phone, so why not follow the same design styling found on many flip phones? Add a color screen, customizable background, recordable ringtones and a blue backlit keypad and you have yourself a styling cordless phone.

They could have stopped there and still had a great product. But no… the folks at Uniden are notchturners… if I’m not wrong, I think they were the first to add the “Channel 9” preset on CB radios (now that’s innovation). So it’s not surprising that they added bluetooth capabilities to the phone system so you can pair it with your bluetooth enabled cell phone and make local or long distance calls using the Uniden ELBT 595 handset. How cool is that? Since almost all cellular providers offer free long distance calling as part of the service plan, you can make all your calls without ever switching handsets.

The ELBT-595 runs on the 5.8GHz spectrum and also includes a built-in answering machine as well as many other features I’m too lazy to write about (hey, just check out their website). The complete setup can be bought for about $250 at most online discount retailers and additional handsets (up to 10) can be purchased for about $140 each.

Uniden Bluetooth Enabled Cordless Phones
– AMAZON.com — Uniden CellLink ELBT595 5.8 GHz Digital Expandable Cordless Flip Phone with Color LCD, Answering System, and Bluetooth Capability (Titanium)