Lets face it, every guy has wanted to be Batman some point in his life. Now you can get one step closer to living your childhood fantasy with your very own life-size replica of the Shakespeare bust Bruce Wayne used to get access to the Batcave. This replica isn’t some half-ass garbage… nope! It is fully functional. The head flips back revealing a switch that can be used to power up any small appliance — I’ll even bet some cash that a diehard Batman nut will rig that switch to open a door to a lab or theater room. As for the specifics, the bust is made out of roto-cast resin and is finished in a metalic antique bronze paint. It stands 21-inches tall, exactly like the original one from the Batman series. Here are a few fun facts about this bust:

— It was duplicated from the original by master sculptor Scott Fensterer.
— One of these busts was even purchased and used as a prop in the made for TV movie Return to the Batcave.

This working Batman Shakespeare Bust can be yours for about $300, now if only I could get my hands on an official Batman issued utilitybelt!

Available for order from Entertainment Earth