If there is one thing I learned from home construction and remodeling is that you need a good light source. My dad has a 500-watt halogen light rig he put together, which works great, but I have knocked it over several times and each time I break something on it, the lens, the frame, the bulb… all requiring a trip to the Depot. That’s why when I saw the Wobble Light, it was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of it” reactions. The Wobble Light comes in all different wattage and bulb types, so depending on the type of jobs you do, they have a model for you. The light units are 18″ wide and 36″ tall and features all the accessory lighting standards like a handle and a power switch, but they even added a power outlet to connect a power tool or an additional Wobble Light. The Wobble Lights are available now and range from $140 for the 500-watt Halogen to $275 for a 400W Metal Halide version.

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