Well, take everything you know about traditional LCD monitor design and throw it out the window. HANNspree has just turned it up a notch… yup. If you were in the process of decorating your sports room and that silver or black LCD screen you were looking at just didn’t seem to add that much needed dazzle, look no further… the HANNS Baseball LCD screen is for you. It’s wrapped in real white leather, has 108 red stitches and is the perfect shape of a baseball. This is just one example of their LCD screen collection… they have something for everyone… how ’bout a Firetruck screen for the kids room? A soccer ball or golf ball a teens room? A Sunflower for the sun room? French fries for the kitchen? An Apple (both red and green) for the classroom? A Semi Truck for the garage? A Stuffed Elephant for the baby room?… You name it, they have it. I know, you think I’ve lost it… I’m serious… click here for their website, click on collections and bam!, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

HANNspree Website