So even the big boys of home automation/control are adding iPod compatibility. Crestron is claiming that the CEN-IPOD (get it?) is the first 2-way iPod interface, truly replicating the iPod experience on any Crestron touchpanel. Well, ok… if you mean that the iPod player is virtually on the screen and you’re controlling it… but the basic 2-way approach has been done before. The CEN-IPOD provides full iPod functionality allowing you to do pretty much everything the iPod can do via a Crestron touchpanel and features both RCA and CAT5 balanced audio outputs and Ethernet connectivity.

The CEN-IPOD is compatible with all iPod models including the latest iPod Photo. Connect the video out to any Crestron video distribution system and photos may be viewed on any video display or on a Crestron touchpanel.

No word if you can use the controller without a Crestron touchpanel, it would be nice if you can send commands via ethernet and control the iPod directly. I’ll investigate this more and update if I find anything out.