Most, if not all high-end automobiles are now coming standard with in-dash navigation systems. Due to legal issues in the states, must be that we are too eager to sue, auto manufacturers disable any video capabilities on the dash displays. There are usually hacks you can make to enable the video input on the display, but it requires soldering and getting into the service menus to enable the inputs. NAV-TV has been around for about 5 years and they have been leading the way with the most easy to install interface that enables television and video inputs on your navigation system. So if you have a BMW, Range Rover (pictured), Mini Cooper, Mercedes, or a Porsche (they also support a few Japanese and American models as well), you might want to check out their NAV-TV solution. I don’t have any pricing, but the folks over there are very responsive to emails and seem very nice. I was interested in the kit for my vehicle (or soon to be) and found them to be the only one offering a complete seamless product. They are also working on a iPod interface for these systems, so you can control the iPod directly from your audio interface. Pretty cool stuff. For more information check out the NAV-TV site.