rhinopro3ks.jpgIf you are setting up your A/V rack, you know how hard it is to keep track of all the cables. The folks that invented the old style embossed labels, Dymo, now have an easy way to label all your cables. The RhynoPRO 3000 labeling system uses flexible nylon or heat shrink tube labels for wire and cable marking, permanent polyester for flat and textured surfaces and metallized permanent polyester for tagging anything else you’d like. It also has a very useful feature called, Text Hot Keys, which help label frequently-used locations and equipment, you know, for all your Audio/Video, Voice/Data and Security equipment.

The Dymo RhinoPRO 3000 retails for about $100 and heatshrink refills will set you back about $30… an investment that will be worth every penny when you go to upgrade or swap out any equipment. Plus, it makes all your cables look very professional.

– AMAZON.com — Dymo RhinoPRO 3000