I personally think the WireTracks iCove ($199) is a waaaaaay better deal than the Sonance iPort ($600). Heck, with the iCove, you’re not suck with using the deadened iPod. You can use it with any gadget that fits inside and that’s what has me sold on the iCove. WireTracks, the makers of iCove are the most forward thinking people around! The WireTracks iCove is really just a simple in-wall display and storage cabinet for any portable electronic device that accepts electrical and low-voltage wiring connections. It works with almost any device that has a docking station and, because of the great design, you can change or upgrade your gadget as often as you like — dumping your iPod for XM radio… no problem! For more information or to order one, point ye browser to WireTrack’s iCove page.