When I bought my whole house speakers, I went with some 6″ JBL in-walls… why? Because I got them for a good deal. Plus, the main purpose of my whole house system isn’t to provide reference sound, more so to just fill the space with music — I leave the good sounding speakers for the theater. However, if you are looking for some really cool in-walls, and have the cash for them, then take a look at SpeakerCraft’s new TIME series. TIME stands for Theater In Motion Experience… meaning that your speakers will transform themselves from standard in-wall speakers to motorized pivoting speakers that will rotate to any direction and pivot to angles of 15, 30, or 45 degrees. Cool. Just point the remote at the TIME Command Unit and select a preset… and BAM! At a press of a button you can set up your room with a perfect soundstage and when you are done, they hide themselves back in the wall. All this comes at a hefty price, the Model Ones ring in at $350/ea and they go up to $750/ea for the Model Five — the TIME Command Unit and Remote will run you an extra $250.