You actually need to check out the DetourDVD website to really get the idea, they offer sample clips of each collection and I must say, I really dig it. Check it… invite a few stylish friends over, place the DetourDVD collections into your DVD Changer, turn on some lounge music, shake a few martini’s and you have yourself a hip, W Hotel style party.

“The DetourDVD Collection of motion graphics bridges the gap between the idle flat grey panel and your interior world. These unique, slow moving DVDs contain purely visual tracks which can be programmed to loop or play at random. Transform your screen into an extension of your room and style with motion graphics that complement your environment and mood. More than just a screen saver or ambient video… interior design that moves.”

There are 3 DetourDVD collections thus far, with a fourth being released soon. Each DVD collection is priced nicely at $24.95… now, what I really what are HD versions of these discs, using the Microsoft WMV-HD format. I emailed them, let’s see what they have to say.