A properly calibrated display is like sleeping in clean sheets. You get a better nights sleep and it just feels right. In the past, you’d need to get a DVD calibration disc, like Digital Video Essentials or The AVIA Guide to Home Theate, but now, with HD displays, calibrating with DVD quality test patterns is just silly. Just plug the CALIBUG to your USB port and you instantly have access to hundreds of HD quality test patterns. The only way you could get all these test patterns in the past was via a dedicated Test Pattern Generators/Sync Generators which cost thousands of Dollars. Your computer has VGA/DVI output, which is how you will get these HD patterns on your screen. The CALIBUG HDTV comes in a standard keyfob version ($129) and a Swiss Army Knife ($149) version. To order, or for more information check out the itworks website. This is a great stocking stuffer for a Videophile!