I don’t get overly excited about cabling, I still prefer getting my cables custom made over at BlueJeanCables.com, using the same cable and terminations that broadcasters use. Unfortunately, there are times you can’t get certain premade cables to fit thru many openings. Solution, Impact Acoustics’ RapidRun Cabling System. This cable system is modular and is comprised of three parts. Two ends and a runner. The runner, which is the length part of the cable has two locking connectors at each end, it comes in both flexible PVC and Plenum jacket and is available in two cables types, 5-coax and UXGA. The nice thing about this cable is that is can be easily pulled thru 3/4″ conduit with up to 90-degree sweep. The ends or “BreakAway terminations”, as the call them, are available in flying leads or wall plates and come in every format and combination you’ll need. Just pull the runner thru the conduit and attach the ends and BAM! instant gratification. No cursing or sweat needed to pull these cables. Check out Impact Acoustics website to order or for more information.