I’m addicted to these things! Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve got a real sweet tooth, so when the three o’clock hour comes around I don’t get the mocha, instead I go downstairs to Starbucks and pick up a dessert. Lately, I’ve been on this mint brownie binge. I have even bought two, with the intent of storing one for the next morning, only to find out that you can’t… because they will dry out if not properly sealed. If you love the individually wrapped Andres Chocolate Mints, then get your soon-to-be-fat-ass over to your local Starbucks (not all Starbucks carry the same items, so you may need to go to a few locations) and pick up one of these big mint brownies! Rumor has it that they were/are invented/made by the same people that make the Andres Chocolate Mints — I think it’s true… because it looks like there are little bits of Andres Chocolate Mints on top of the rich moist chocolate. Oh, and for you health concious folks, here is the Nutritional Data.

Sorry for the lack of real posts lately, but I’m in the process of reviewing a few new gadgets, the TrackStick is one of them… so far it’s a neat little gadget! More to come…