I often get asked why I prefer HAI over other automation controller companies. The answer is really simple, because they are always coming out with new products that add functionality, while maintaining ease of use and low cost of ownership. Try achieving all that with a Crestron or AMX system.

Today, HAI annouced that they will be releasing the Snap-Link sometime in Q2 of 2006. The Snap-Link? Yes… it plugs into any computer (I believe PC only, however we’ll need to wait until more details come out) and allows an owner of Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina, and Lumina Pro controllers secure remote control ability. This includes adjusting and checking lights, temperature and security on the go. I’m guessing this is bootable USB dongle that boots up into a OmniTouch/Web-Link like enviroment. Which may open up some possibilites for creating cheap inexpensive small form factor touchscreen controllers. Expect a full review of the HAI Snap-Link here on Mavromatic when it’s released.