umpc.jpgI’m pretty excited about this new UMPC platform. Not for surfing the web at the local Starbucks — have my HTC Wizard for that, but for Home Automation control! Until now, the only economical method I’ve found is using 10″ Smart Displays, but that isn’t the ultimate method of controlling since the RDP protocol used doesn’t handle motion graphics too well. This UMPC might be the inexpensive, easy to implement device that will make controlling our homes or devices wirelessly possible for the masses. With a really compact, full-blown Windows Tablet OS, we’ll be able to literally, sit-back and control. I can’t wait for all the possibilities this platform brings us.

Microsoft’s Hardware Specification is:
– Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS
– Approximately 7″ diagonal display (or smaller)
– Minimum 800 x 480 resolution
– Approximately 2 pounds
– Integrated touch panel
– WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled

Guess we now just need to wait until someone starts releasing them, my bet is 1 year from now… don’t cha just love technology?