Geez, it feels like I haven’t posted anything for months… my full time job has been keeping me extremely busy with a high-profile video application that we will be launching real soon (it was even top story on CNN couple weeks ago!), so I haven’t been able to post about all the new home automation/theater gadgets as much. And not helping matters, my new theater has been taking up those extra available minutes.

But don’t you fret, in my next post, I will be doing a HOW TO on creating a custom night sky star ceiling –no, not those cheesy pointless fiber optic dots, but one based on an actual night sky (mine is based on my birthdate). grouse_theater-wood.jpg

I’m currently working with my dad on veneering the left and right side of the stage (what’s the technical name of that part of the stage?). Check out the photo to the right, I’m using cherry veneer and 1/4″ solid aluminum square bar in between (I’m alternating the grain on each panel). The curtain, carpet and all the rest will follow soon as well. Oh, and SQLPete, let me know when you are ready to help me drill 800+ star holes and pull the fiber… I’m hoping to get that started this weekend. More to come…